Effortless Grocery Transportation

Silent Resistant Wheels

Intelligent Locker Systems

Protection for Your Surroundings


Unlock Yallacart

Each Yallacart is equipped with a smart locker strategically positioned at checkpoints throughout your parking area. Select the nearest checkpoint, and using your Smart Card, Password, or the Yallacart app, unlock the cart. Your apartment number will illuminate on the screen, signaling to others that it's currently in use by you.


Use Yallacart

Yallacart! Specifically crafted to transport your grocery bags, shopping items, and more from your parking spot to your apartment, its intelligent design ensures effortless navigation through parking areas, elevators, and hallways. With silent wheels and built-in protectors, Yallacart safeguards its surroundings, while its lightweight material makes it user-friendly for easy handling.


Return Yallacart

Once you have finished using Yallacart, return it to its designated checkpoint. With just one click, lock it securely back into its smart locker. Automatically, your apartment number will be cleared, and Yallacart will be ready for its next use.

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Say goodbye to lifting heavy bags

With Yallacarts, the hassle of carrying heavy bags to your apartment will no longer be an issue. Designed with intelligence and engineered for user-friendliness, we offer the perfect solution to one of the most common problems faced by tenants when returning from the market with heavy bags.

Easy to Locate

With multiple checkpoints distributed in the parking area, and multiple carts available at each point, locating your Yallacart is easier than you can imagine. There is always a Yallacart waiting for you.


With Smart Locker technology, you will never lose Yallacart.


All Yallacarts come with a 3-year warranty.

Make your life easier...

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Property Management

For property management companies, Yallacarts provide the perfect solution for your tenants.

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Property Developers

For property development companies, Yallacarts provide the perfect solution for your current and future projects.

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Property Owners

For property owners, Yallacarts provide the perfect solution that adds extra value to your property.

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We have the perfect solution to make your life easier,You are just a few steps away from a better, stress-free experience.

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I cannot express how much Yallacarts have simplified my life! As a busy mom, juggling groceries and my little ones was always a challenge. With Yallacart, it's a game-changer. Unlocking, using, and returning the cart is a breeze. Plus, I love the peace of mind knowing I can find a cart easily when I need it. It's a must-have for every resident!

As someone who lives on the top floor, carrying groceries used to be a struggle. Yallacarts changed the game. Unlocking the smart locker is quick and convenient, and having my apartment number displayed is a thoughtful feature. It's not just a cart; it's a lifesaver. Plus, the easy locatability means I can grab a cart whenever I need it without any hassle. Highly recommend!

Yallacarts have made my grocery routine so much smoother. Being a guy who loves efficiency, the simplicity of unlocking, using, and returning the cart is perfect for my busy schedule. It's not just about convenience; it's about community sharing. I appreciate the easy access and the fact that it's protecting our surroundings. Yallacarts have my full endorsement!

Yallacarts are now my new best friend for grocery shopping! The smart locker technology is genius. The fact that my apartment number is visible while I'm using it ensures everyone knows its location. Returning it is effortless, and I love knowing I'm contributing to a more eco-friendly community by using fewer plastic bags. Yallacart has truly made my shopping experience stress-free!

It's not a luxury; it's about your health.

So What are You Waiting for?

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